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Find fitness you love in 4 days of mini-workshops with Fitness & Mindset Coach Kourtney Thomas. Enroll now to learn how to cultivate a more loving relationship with your body, today.

Join a huge community of women in boosting body love May 18-21!

Not feeling all that confident in your skin lately?

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If you’ve been struggling to feel good in your body, to embrace body changes, or to fit in fitness in a life that looks a little different – this event is for you. I’m going to help you tap into 4 unexpected but wildly effective ways to not only find fitness you actually love, but find more love for your body while you do it.

Kourtney Thomas, CSCS,*D, is a self-discovery and body image coach for women who want to know what the heck they’re doing, because everyone needs the blunt (but kind) reminder that the only “right” way to do something is the way that works for YOU. When she’s not coaching, Kourtney enjoys bicep curls and hiking fueled by cake in Denver, CO, where she lives with her husband, dog, and cat.

Boost your body love!

Yes, love. Yes, today. With Kourtney's 4 time-tested tips, your summer will be full of all the self-love you crave!

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